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All sessions require an appointment. The easiest way to do this is by calling the studio you want to book in.

All sessions require an appointment. The easiest way to do this is by calling the studio you want to book in.

When calling please make sure you have:

  • Your voucher with the voucher ID / security code

  • A few available dates

  • If you have young children have a think about the sort of time they are at their best! i.e nap times

  • Contact Information. We will contact you by phone and email to discuss your requirements and with other important information.

  • A rough idea of how many adults, children and pets that are coming.

In the event you can not make the appointment please contact us as soon as you can (See our Cancellation Policy in our Terms and Conditions).

Getting the most from your photoshoot

  • Avoid black and white (or very light) coloured clothing. They don't photograph well!​

  • Bring 2-3 changes of clothing. Variety is important! You can go from pyjamas to full suit and boot as long as you're comfortable.

  • Bold and vibrant clothing comes out really well

  • Bring your item/s of interest like guitar, skateboard, football or anything you wish to be part of the shoot. Don’t be shy! We’ve seen everything from full drum kits to snake owners. It's YOUR shoot so let's make it unique!​ See our props page for some more ideas

  • Pets please. We love them.



It's GO time! To maximize your experience please have a look at these quick tips!

Have a look below or our portfolio to get some inspiration on things you can wear and bring!



The best images, all retouched and revealed on the big screen. We will talk you though all the options, from a simple 6"x4" print to our best selling printable high resolution CD.

It's time for the show! At the end of your photo shoot you will be given a Review Card with some prices of our most popular packages. Be sure to have a little look at it as you may be surprised just how many photos you will like!


Sit and watch the big screen as we show you the top picks from the shoot. We try to present a minimum of 50 images to you in a slideshow backed up by some cheesy music in the background to help set the mood!

Our staff are there to guide you through the show and all the options available to you. They will explain all the details of your voucher and go over some of our amazing deals that we have to offer. 

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